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Monday, March 31, 2014

Vintage Family Photos

Finally making my way through the first box of family photographs, scanning, labeling, uploading, sharing. I love these two. Above my Grampa and not sure who yet (investigating) drinking Genesee! Below look how cute my mom was in the carriage smiling with the bonnet. Adorable!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Am Strong, I Am Invincible

Wednesday was Gloria Steinem's birthday and the coverage made me think about all the amazing women out there. So happy I live in 2014, inspired by many trail blazers who have come before and shocked and how much more can be done to advance women's causes. Respect your sisters and check out all these rockin' women on my I AM WOMEN HEAR ME ROAR Pinterest Page.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Calligraphy Time

So excited my new calligraphy supplies have arrived from Paper & Ink Arts. I signed up for a membership on Skillshare and that has greatly helped keep cabin fever at bay this winter. I am very determined to have beautiful handwriting.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Silver Lining Moonshine

The Flatirons looked amazing at 2am this morning. The sky was a streak of bright light as the moon set behind the clouds and behind the Flatirons. What else to do at 2am? Go outside and take pictures.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Olympic Bronze Metal WOW

I cannot believe how lucky I am, I feel like an Olympian because I just got to HOLD BRONZE MEDAL FROM THE OLYMPICS!!! THIS CALLS FOR ALL CAPS!!! I just met Alex Deibold at the Southern Sun. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Amazing! SO cool. He is very sweet and so nice. It's pretty amazing to see something I saw on TV and to hold a medal! WOW! WOW! It was heavy. Congrats Alex! Just another Friday in Boulder. Wow. That felt like a once in a life time moment. So thankful to feel like I could in some small way share in someone's success that I had nothing to do with but got to be appreciative of and celebrate. Now I REALLY need to get my team USA sweater!

Down With Prohibition

I can't stop watching Downton! And after re-watching several episodes last night I thought what a great juxtaposition. I live in Colorado, the craft beer capital/beer culture capital and just got back from a road trip with a stop over in Ritchfield, Utah. Couldn't order a beer (forget spirits) until we had water and couldn't have the beer until we had food and one of the servers couldn't answer a question about the beer because she was under 21 and couldn't talk about it. Wait...WHAT? So I had to laugh at Season 4, Episode 7 when Robert returns from America: "What a relief to be able to have a drink in public. Down with prohibition!"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Seashells by the Seashore

Sequin Sarah sought out seashells along the Santa Barbara shore. My pirate's booty from the day's treasure hunt. I love the ocean. Took everything out once, then again. I would like to make some sort of chandelier with all of the shells and rocks that have holes in them. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Or as one of my friends says, dog day; day of gratitude. And thankful I am for the love, friendships and family in my life. This winter has my cabin fever reaching levels not seen in years. To that end I am tackling projects that have been on my someday/maybe list for years.
My mother was a fastidious recorder or our family history. I have inherited the records and am thus the custodian of boxes of photographs, documents, letters, even locks of hair! I found my mother's lock of hair from her first haircut neatly tied in a little white ribbon in an envelope dated 1943. The challenge has been that after she passed away, any time I opened the albums or thumbed through letters my sadness would not make the task very enjoyable.
For some reason yesterday though, I felt compelled to just pick out one of the boxes (smallest one!) in storage and start going through it. What I really wish to do is scan and photograph all of the family history to share with my siblings and extended family. Thanks to my iPad, photo editing and scanning apps, the formerly daunting task just got a little easier. I feel like I am meeting people for the first time through these pictures, I actually had never seen some of them until yesterday! I love looking at the fashions, cars, wallpaper, the Genesee beer, oh yes, when the family celebrated Genny was on the table. I took a little time trip yesterday.
Along the way I found these favorites for today, vintage wedding love! I *think* the black and white shot is of my Grandfather and new bride, Vincent Daly to Mary Sluty married in April of 1937. Such an elegant dress and in the background you can see the streamers on the car! LOVE. If you look closely at the bottom photo, a kid on the left is making a "gag" face while watching the bride and groom eat cake. Time move forwards, but some things don't change!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maine Shipwrecked Project

I am so excited to be a part of this amazing project with Sarah Goodwin of daisies & pearls, as well as Hailey Tash Photography, Details Event Staging, The Winey Baker, Style by Emili Renee and Andrea’s Bridal. Sarah approached me with her idea and this amazing story, and I set about creating an invitation suite that would fit the shoot. From daisies & pearls, the whole story:

Upon hearing the story of Lydia Carver, one can’t help but get goose bumps. The young bride and her bridal party set sail from Freeport, Maine for the bride’s final gown fitting in Boston, Massachusetts on a chartered schooner in July of 1807. The voyage went as planned until the schooner encountered rough waters off the coast of Cape Elizabeth, Maine on its return to Freeport. Eventually the sea took the schooner and the lives of most of the passengers including Lydia Carver.

The story then goes on to explain Lydia’s body and wedding gown were found on the shores of a nearby beach the next morning. It is said Lydia has never left the beach and can still be seen wearing her white gown along the shores of Cape Elizabeth. She especially enjoys making her presence known to brides getting married at the inn, whose property borders the beach and the cemetery where Lydia’s body was laid to rest. The story of Cape Elizabeth’s shipwrecked bride in white is the inspiration behind this styled wedding shoot. What if Lydia and her bridal party were able to swim to dry land, where they found themselves shipwrecked with only the ship’s cargo and the natural resources offered by Maine’s rocky sea coast?

 A young lady in white is dressed in lace and gold jewels. Her hair is wind swept from the ocean breeze. She holds a bouquet of indigenous beach wildflowers and poses with nautical elements which could aid in her and her guests’ rescue.

The tablescape was designed to give the illusion of being crafted from pieces of lumber from the dismantled schooner. Ghost chairs add a touch of eerie. A garland of driftwood runs the center of the table with reminiscent sea glass buoy vessels holding native Maine wildflowers. The centerpiece is a sea life terrarium with rope forming the table number displayed inside the glass box. Place settings feature gold sea creature salad plates on gold rimmed dinner plates. Gold flatware tied with rope is arranged on sea glass color ombre dipped napkins. Etched wine glasses give the table an elegant feel. Place cards displayed in gold flower frogs, feature corresponding sea creatures. Air plants nestled in sea urchins at each place setting is the finishing touch.

The invitation suite, ceremony program and dinner menu give the sense of Old World with calligraphy font and a sense of whimsy with the sea creature motifs carrying over from the tablescape. A color palette of green and gold complement the Maine nautical vernacular with a bit of formality. Best wishes for the newlyweds are placed in a bottle for safe keeping.

The cake with its pretty ruffles in shades of blue and gold chain accents, looks royal displayed on a vintage trunk.

Photography: Hailey Tash Photography
Coordination, Styling, Tablescape and Floral Design: daisies & pearls
Hard Goods: Details Event Staging
Paper Goods: Sarah Hearts Design
Cake: The Winey Baker
Beauty and Modeling: Style by Emili Renee
Dress: Andrea’s Bridal

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