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In Focus: Skaneateles, NY

I was recently in the great state of New York and had the opportunity to spend the afternoon in the absolutely charming town of Skaneateles, NY. Inhabited since the early 1800s, the town has turned into a charming, bustling stop in the Finger Lakes. There are a variety of shops from bookstores and antiques to restaurants, inns and the fabulous Mirbeau Spa. The town is a beautiful example of mixed residential and business properties and has a great walkable downtown. The village hosts many events throughout the summer including a music festival and antique boat show. These shots are of places in the main downtown area:

My day there started off browsing about
Creekside Book & Coffee (my new favorite bookstore) followed by a fantastic lunch in their cafe. Other standouts from the trip included the eclectic Paris Flea antique/new store where I bought a charming tin bird and the Skaneateles Antique Center where I found the most fabulous printing blocks. They must have come from an old newspaper business and I snatched up a huge Pepsi printing plate. Other notable places include the two restaurants The Sherwood Inn and The Krebs. The Krebs is mentioned in a Holiday Magazine (more on those later) from the 1950s, and was voted one of the best in the world! I haven't been but I hope that review still holds true for my next visit. If you have the chance and will be in the Finger Lakes, I recommend stopping to see the sites in Skaneateles. If you go, check out Skaneateles Suites' website for more information and accommodations. Happy travels!

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