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Where did spring go?

It's springtime in Boston. That means it's nice one day and miserable the next. It's been cloudy, grey and rainy for a few days now and I'm wishing for some sun! In the meantime, I've been looking through my Martha Stewart magazines and came across this delightful spread:

I love the photography and layout in Martha's mags. They are so interesting and inviting. The colors leap off the page. I also like how the type is handled: it's fun and a little quirky at times. The third photo from this spread shows a variety of Dahlias and the accompanying page (not pictured) has a guide to help you pick out and identify what you like (genius!). The colors are just stunning. Oh, spring...come back soon! Or I could just get some fresh flowers to brighten the days. Also of note: Dahlias are the national flower of Mexico and will make their appearance from late summer to frost. For more information visit the American Dahlia Society.


My banners are pictures I've taken here, there and everywhere. I'll be rotating the main image from time to time. Pictures of past banners are below. Enjoy!

Moreton Bay Fig in Santa Barbara, CA planted in 1877- largest of its kind in its the US.

The ol' Granddad Willow in Boulder, CO; moving its way up the state registry of Champion Trees!

Knarley tree on Cat Island, The Bahamas

Pretty plant in Healdsburg, CA

Weeping Blue Spruce, Brookline, MA

Sunset on the Pier, Santa Barbara, CA

Pelican on the Pier, Avalon, Catalina Island, CA

Pumpkins, Boulder, CO

Funky art on display in Hollywood, unfortunately I can't remember where exactly this was but I think it was outside of a hotel.

Hello Blog-o-sphere!

Welcome to Sarah Hearts Design! A little about me: my big project now (I always have something going on) is working towards my MFA in Graphic Design from Boston University. I'll be done in the spring of 2009. One of my summer projects is to get this blog going- so thanks for visiting!

I grew up in a smalltown (no stoplight) in the Finger Lakes Region in New York. I headed to Boston University after high school to study International Relations. The best parts of my undergrad experience were living in Grenoble, France and being part of the ballroom dancing team. Yup, that's right...ballroom dancing.

After college I had several jobs that led me to where I am today. I realized that I've always had a passion for creating and communicating. Throw these two things together and you get Sarah the Designer. I look for beauty and inspiration in every day things. I also look for inspiration when I'm pounding the pavement, some of my best ideas come to me when I'm running!

Running in Dublin

Some other tidbits:
The things most important to me: friends, family, sense of humor, staying active
Favorite artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Wes Wilson to name just a few.

Paula Scher

Random things:
My picture has appeared in Sports Illustrated, I was alternate Dairy Princess of Cayuga County (even though I didn't live on a farm)

Favorite Places: The Adirondacks, Colorado, Ojai, any place warm where the sun in shining
My pet peeve: Drivers who don't stop at red lights even when when it's a walk sign, it's especially bad when horns are involved. Now THAT drives me batty!