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Where did spring go?

It's springtime in Boston. That means it's nice one day and miserable the next. It's been cloudy, grey and rainy for a few days now and I'm wishing for some sun! In the meantime, I've been looking through my Martha Stewart magazines and came across this delightful spread:

I love the photography and layout in Martha's mags. They are so interesting and inviting. The colors leap off the page. I also like how the type is handled: it's fun and a little quirky at times. The third photo from this spread shows a variety of Dahlias and the accompanying page (not pictured) has a guide to help you pick out and identify what you like (genius!). The colors are just stunning. Oh, spring...come back soon! Or I could just get some fresh flowers to brighten the days. Also of note: Dahlias are the national flower of Mexico and will make their appearance from late summer to frost. For more information visit the American Dahlia Society.

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