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I Love Being a Bag Lady

Back in December the New York Times Business section had a great article on reusable bags, "
Never Mind What's in Them, Bags Are the Fashion." Well duh! Any person who has lots to carry could tell you that. The article focused on shopping bags and how retailers from high end to low end are competing to make the most durable, fashionable shopping bags. In addition to looking good, reusable bags cut down on waste, it's a win-win.

Lord & Taylor is mentioned in the article and indeed last fall while I was traveling to a wedding, I carried one of their newer bags with my dress in it and I was complimented on it! A shopping bag!!! I don't even get plastic bags from the grocery store anymore, I'd rather pay $1 to get a reusable bag. My favorite that I own though, is this fabulous bag from Trader Joe's:

It comes in handy when I have to bring packages to the post or carry around my design work. Not only is it durable and easy to carry, it's so cute! I love the collage, hand-drawn and text elements.

In other bag news, look out for the new, "secretly redesigned" Bergorf Goodman bag to be released this fall. I think I'll just have to go shopping and investigate for myself! Thanks to Martha for the bag tip.

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