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Michael Schwab

"The basic premise of my work is this: The message must be succinct, immediate, and legible from 'way across the room'." -
Michael Schwab

As promised in my
National Train Day Post, I have more on a favorite artist of mine: Michael Schwab. As with the work of Paul Rogers, I learned about Schwab while researching travel posters. His work for Amtrak instantly drew me in with his use of silhouette, bold color and illustration.

Merrill C. Berman, in
an article posted on Schwab's website, says "His work is dramatic in its simplicity." I couldn't agree more. Schwab's work is the kind that truly speaks for itself.

His list of clients is a designer's wish-list (well, mine anyway), and includes such clients as: Pebble Beach (more on Pebble Beach in an upcoming In Focus post), Nike, The North Face, UC Berkeley, the Muhammad Ali Center, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, Amtrak and many, many more.

There is a great little interview with Schwab on Green Museum's
website. There is also an interview in Sunset Magazine that discusses Schwab's design of the book California Wine Country: A Sunset Field Guide. After reading that post it's making me itchy to get back out to California ASAP. At least I'll be doing some wine tasting out in Healdsburg in a month (look for future posts on that). This link has a slide show of illustrations from the book.

Some of Schwab's work is also
for sale (hint, hint). I'd love to hang a piece out in Boulder, maybe this one (extra big hint, hint):

For even more on Schwab you can read an excerpt from the book, Inside the Business of Graphic Design: 60 Leaders Share Their Secrets of Success, here or you can buy the book here.

I'll end the post with this quote from Schwab which does a great job of summarizing the design field: "To do what we do, there has to be a healthy blend of creativity, integrity, bravery, and just a pinch of salesmanship." True, true.

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