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Roadside America and Muffler Men

Today, I thought I'd share more about one of my favorite web distractions: Roadside America. I came across this site years ago when I was looking for more information on Muffler Men. Yes, you read that right. I was mini-golfing in Lake George, NY at this fabulous course: Around the World Golf. Half was around the world themed (hence the name) and the other half was around the United States themed. It was really the highlight of Lake George. (Have you been to Lake George? Yeah...) Seriously though, it was very fun! So, on the around the world side there is this huge guy:

I had to know more. Where did he come from? Which is how I found out about Roadside America. Muffler Men may ring a bell to you if you ever watched the Sopranos, in the opening a
carpet-clutching Muffler Man in Jersey City is pictured. The site also has a guide to all Muffler Men and other sorts of fun distractions too. I loves me a corny distraction. This probably explains why I've been to such esteemed places as the Four Corners and the highest point in the US where beef jerky is sold. Yeah...

So before you head out on your next road trip, check out
Roadside America to see what lies ahead!

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