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Birds About Boston and Brookline

A few years ago I noticed these delightful urban art birds on the Boston-Brookline Border in Audubon Circle. Besides type, silhouette is another favorite design element of mine no matter what the setting. I think these are a fantastic way to pretty up the urban landscape.

The first time I spotted one of the silhouettes it made me smile because it was so unexpected and for the first few seconds, from a distance, I thought it was real! I think my two favorites are the cardinal because its shape makes a beautiful outline and the hummingbird because it reminds me of the hummingbirds that used to frequent my butterfly garden growing up. They are amazing little creatures!

John James Audubon (1785-1851), who I believe the area was named after, was an incredible artist who created hundreds of drawings and prints of birds that current artists continue to measure their work against. I encourage you to read the Audubon Society's short biography on John
here. From the site:

"Audubon’s story is one of triumph over adversity; his accomplishment is destined for the ages. He encapsulates the spirit of young America, when the wilderness was limitless and beguiling. He was a person of legendary strength and endurance as well as a keen observer of birds and nature. Like his peers, he was an avid hunter, and he also had a deep appreciation and concern for conservation; in his later writings he sounded the alarm about destruction of birds and habitats. It is fitting that today we carry his name and legacy into the future."

Audubon Society works to protect birds, wildlife and their habitats; to support this very worthy cause click here. And for more reading on John James Audubon visit this link. Happy birding!

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