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Designer Hotels- Book Me Please!

As someone who loves design and travel, this website is my new obsession. There aren't too many listings in the US but what did catch my eye was this link to the Hotel Healdsburg in California. Cool website, neat hotel design and a spa, what more do you need?

I like their double H logo, seeing as H is my new nickname. When you click items on the site and they load, there is a graphic that says aaaHH- brilliant!
What a coincidence I'll be in town in a few weeks. I wonder if I can change my reservation...

More from
Design Hotels' website:

Established in 1993, as the first of its kind, Design Hotels AG now represents and markets a hand-selected collection of more than 150 hotels in over 40 countries around the globe. Far more than just a loosely-affiliated assortment of member properties or a mere online booking engine, the company offers both its members and today’s travellers unparalleled specialist knowledge, innovative, international marketing savvy and a future-forward vision that moves in step with our shifting world.

Design Hotels also comes out with an annual book of the best-designed hotels and a great looking magazine. I'm ready to jet-set in style. (And by jet, I don't mean that new, not-so-great-in-my-opinion JetBlue ad campaign that replaces the word fly with jet.) Happy travels!

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