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International Poster Gallery

Herbert Leupin, Bata - Rock And Roll, 1961

If you’re in Boston this weekend, or anytime for that matter, I encourage you to check out the
International Poster Gallery located at 205 Newbury Street.

Donald Brun, Zwicky Naaizjde (sidewalk), 1950

The gallery has an amazing array of posters from around the globe. The extensive collection, over 10,000 pieces at the gallery, covers areas from film, travel, food and beverage, war and propoganda, vintage sports, auto and cycle posters and music, to name a few.

Adolfo Hohenstein, Monte Carlo (from Ricordi portfolio), 1914 ca.

The posters here are just a tiny fraction of the fun things you may find when you visit. If they don’t have a poster you’d like to own, owner Jim Lapides will find it for you. What’s great is that their pieces are priced from $100 all the way on up. I’ve always loved poster art and to see some of the work at the gallery is just break taking. I’m like a kid in a candy store, don’t let me go in with any money or credit cards!

Plinio Nomellini, Oli Sasso (from Ricordi portfolio), 1914 ca.

Ralph Schraivogel, International Jazz Festival, 1989

P Mormerat, Cinzano Vermouth, 1961

David Klein, Washington - TWA jets, 1958 ca

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