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SEI Water: Drink Up!

My friend Erin stopped by my office and pulled out what looked like a bottle of vodka. "I know you just got back from vacation," I said, "but isn't it a little early to start hittin' the sauce?" Silly me, Erin was just drinking water and introduced me to this fabulous package design by SEI:
From SEI's fantastic-looking website:
"SEI Water goes everywhere. The bottle shape, inspired by the military canteen, is designed around the principle of portability and utilization of space while maintaining a subtle harmony of form and function. The bottle is useful and fashionable; and the taste of SEI natural spring water is pure and crisp."

I think it's great because it looks different from other things on the shelf. It's so simple that in the visual clutter of stores, this stands out. I like their website because it looks clean and neat and I love the use of illustration. After clicking through, there doesn't seem to be too much information on the site, but at least it looks nice!

Overall I'm on the fence about bottled water. It seems wasteful to pay for something you can get pretty cheaply out of the tap (lots of times free if you don't have a water bill) and it saves on throwing away all that plastic. Lots of bottled water on shelves is right from the tap anyway. The debate is raging on the carbon footprint that all this bottling and shipping creates. Now that everyone is going green, bottled water is getting a bad wrap. An interesting article from Slate.com on the debate
here. I started reading articles about the amount of drugs and pollutants in public water supplies. (Note: not good to do when you get all of your water from the tap.) EEK! What am I to do when I go to my tap every day? Maybe we can find a happy medium of water that is treated, is cheap and can be dispensed to reusable containers?

*Update* While writing this article I was searching everywhere for this article, finally found it and wanted to share.

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