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Spectra News: Spectacular!

While surfing the web I came across this amazing way to get news from msnbc.com:
Spectra visual newsreader. Wow, wow, wow. The first time you launch the application you add whatever channels you'd like news on.

I chose most of the top story cattegories to make a pretty color collage. The colored boxes float around on the screen in the default orbital mode but you can also change it to auto or color sensor. This is what the auto mode looks like:

The color sensor mode uses your webcam so you can interact with the application! I'm still working on getting that going. You can change the orbital spead, organize by the time of the story, filter the news and use the news collector feature to add stories to a bar at the top of the screen. That top tool bar can always be open too. You can see in my screen shot I've got the newscollector open:

At the bottom there is a scroll bar to go between stories. This is a beautiful, powerful new way of looking at news, kudos to the developers. One of my favorite news categories is the news of the weird. It's always good for a laugh (click picture to enlarge).

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