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Pattern On Bark

I took this picture of some tree bark and just love the pattern it makes. I believe it is from a Sycamore tree. I love the texture and color, maybe I can incorporate this into a future design!

The Letter S Part Two

In June I posted about
finding the letter S on the side of a building and I've done it again! I found this S walking along Harvard Street in Brookline holding back some shutters. Love it!

Black and White Nature Photography

As mention a few weeks ago, one of my new obsessions is black and white photography. These are some more shots I took of things in nature. I'm really attracted to unique patterns and textures.

Brookline Murals Part 5: Zaftigs

The final installment this week is the
Zaftigs mural at 335 Harvard Street along the side of the restaurant. This is the biggest of the five murals featured and has a lot of fun things going on. The mural was painted in 2007 to celebrate Zaftigs' 10th anniversary. It was inspired by Steve Lipton and Danny O. and painted by over 80 people! It depicts all sorts of things in the Coolidge Corner area including a C line train, Irving's Card and Toy Shop, Brookline Booksmith, Coolidge Corner Theatre, and the S.S. Pierce Building. Nanny Fanny (Zaftigs mascot) makes appearances all about. Curious George even makes an appearance! I love how the trees are depicted on the left side of the mural. Photographing the murals for these posts has been very fun and forced me to look at these paintings in a new, more appreciative light. It's easy to walk by and think they look nice, but to take a second closer look made me realize just how much work and intricate detail was put into these.

Brookline Murals Part 4: Four Seasons

Today's mural, Four Seasons, is at the northwest corner of Harvard Street and Coolidge Street and was painted in 1996 by Yetti Frenkel. I love the colors used in this mural along with the animals.

This mural is great to pass by in the dead of winter, the bright cheeriness reminds me that yes, spring will come again.

The picture of this raccoon made me laugh because the other day Will had a raccoon caught in a squirrel trap. Hopefully I will have pictures of that soon. Apparently it was so big it was really stuffed in there. I helped brainstorm how to get it out without attacking Will, I was worried it could be rabid. This involved putting sticks in the trap, then from the car using some long tree trimming things to unlock the door. Well, Will put in the two sticks, then went for a run, and when he came back the raccoon was gone! He was able to somehow open the flap door and sneak out. Oh those crazy raccoons! He may look innocent but don't be fooled...

Brookline Murals Part 3: Alter Brothers

The third installment in this week's feature is the Alter Brothers' mural at the north east corner of Harvard Street and Fuller Street by
Kupel's Bagels (they have good half moon cookies, mmmm).

This black and white mural depicts the inside of a butchery looking out. It was painted by David E. Levine and on the top left part of the mural I found the date 1956, I don't know if that is when it was actually painted though.

Parts of it look like it's still in great shape, but the left side is having some issues. Looking "out" at the mural you can see other Brookline landmarks like
Rubin's Deli. I appreciate this mural more after I photographed it. Honestly, the butcher man with the big head kind of creeped me out for awhile.

Brookline Murals Part 2: The Kennedys

As mentioned yesterday, I am featuring a different mural in Brookline each day this week. As you now know, JKF was born in Brookline on Beals Street (be sure to visit if you are in town) and the mural today, painted by Joshua Winer, features the family. This mural is at the south west corner of Harvard Street and Thorndike Street. I especially like the "Billy Whiskers" book that was one of JFK's favorites.