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Brookline Murals Part 3: Alter Brothers

The third installment in this week's feature is the Alter Brothers' mural at the north east corner of Harvard Street and Fuller Street by
Kupel's Bagels (they have good half moon cookies, mmmm).

This black and white mural depicts the inside of a butchery looking out. It was painted by David E. Levine and on the top left part of the mural I found the date 1956, I don't know if that is when it was actually painted though.

Parts of it look like it's still in great shape, but the left side is having some issues. Looking "out" at the mural you can see other Brookline landmarks like
Rubin's Deli. I appreciate this mural more after I photographed it. Honestly, the butcher man with the big head kind of creeped me out for awhile.

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