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Brookline Murals Part 4: Four Seasons

Today's mural, Four Seasons, is at the northwest corner of Harvard Street and Coolidge Street and was painted in 1996 by Yetti Frenkel. I love the colors used in this mural along with the animals.

This mural is great to pass by in the dead of winter, the bright cheeriness reminds me that yes, spring will come again.

The picture of this raccoon made me laugh because the other day Will had a raccoon caught in a squirrel trap. Hopefully I will have pictures of that soon. Apparently it was so big it was really stuffed in there. I helped brainstorm how to get it out without attacking Will, I was worried it could be rabid. This involved putting sticks in the trap, then from the car using some long tree trimming things to unlock the door. Well, Will put in the two sticks, then went for a run, and when he came back the raccoon was gone! He was able to somehow open the flap door and sneak out. Oh those crazy raccoons! He may look innocent but don't be fooled...

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