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Brookline Murals Part 5: Zaftigs

The final installment this week is the
Zaftigs mural at 335 Harvard Street along the side of the restaurant. This is the biggest of the five murals featured and has a lot of fun things going on. The mural was painted in 2007 to celebrate Zaftigs' 10th anniversary. It was inspired by Steve Lipton and Danny O. and painted by over 80 people! It depicts all sorts of things in the Coolidge Corner area including a C line train, Irving's Card and Toy Shop, Brookline Booksmith, Coolidge Corner Theatre, and the S.S. Pierce Building. Nanny Fanny (Zaftigs mascot) makes appearances all about. Curious George even makes an appearance! I love how the trees are depicted on the left side of the mural. Photographing the murals for these posts has been very fun and forced me to look at these paintings in a new, more appreciative light. It's easy to walk by and think they look nice, but to take a second closer look made me realize just how much work and intricate detail was put into these.

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