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I Heart Scott Ouderkirk Books

While I was at Creekside Books and Coffee in Skaneateles, NY I came across these unusual books that caught my eye:

Books made out of old license plates, I loved it!

The book, "Fallen Heros," is a collection of drawings, paintings and writings by
Scott L. Ouderkirk. I was drawn to the hand construction and uniqness of the books along with the sketches inside. Ouderkirk's sketches have a warm, nostalgic, whimsical feel to them. Upon further investigation, each book's cover is made from a license plate that is at least 20 years old. The back cover is hand silk-screened by Ouderkirk. He's quite the craftsman!

I have much respect for the time and care put into these books. I'm a fan of the tag line on Ouderkirk's website: "Drawings that celebrate everything around us." Cheers to that! For more information or on how to order, please visit Ouderkirk's
website and blog.

Sketch from Ouderkirk's book on barns.

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