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TADworks Are The Cutest Things

Continuing from yesterday's post about the
SOWA Open Market, another favorite vendor I found was TADworks with items made by a woman named Tomoko. Her things were so sweet I almost got a cavity looking at them! You can visit her store on etsy here and blog here. Each item was so well made and fun to look at. I couldn't resist this calendar:

It's a dial calendar, actually CANendar, that you align the year, month and day. I splurged for the two-year calendar, which means I'll have it for the next 2 1/2 years (yes!). It's perfect and just what I needed for my desk. A thoughtful, well-designed, fun CANendar. Heart it!

Cute business card too!

1 comment:

tomoko said...

it's lovely being able to see CANendar on your desktop! I'm happy to know that you are enjoying it. Thanks again, Sarah.