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Two Guitars Cards Rock

This past Sunday my friend Erin and I took a stroll through the South End in Boston to check out the
SOWA Open Market. In short: I love it. The market is packed with artisans making everything from jewlery, cards, clothes, pottery, glass, handbags, honey, brownies and bread! It's open every Sunday through October 26th, if you're in town check it out.

One of my favorite items I came across were the hand-made cards from Two Guitars made by Scott Ballard. Be sure to check out his work on etsy
here and here along with his wife's jewelry here. Creative couple!

Ballard uses a
Gocco printer, I must own one of these!!! (Hint: birthday rapidly approaching, although I do need a new portfolio before this.)

I love the layering and use of maps in the background. These cards are so pretty I almost don't want to mail them, but they are too pretty to keep all to myself.

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