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Poster Art By Rick Doubleday

Today I thought I'd feature some work by a fellow runner and my professor, Rick Doubleday. Rick was kind enough to share some if his recent poster designs with me. They include a poster commemorating the Sichuan earthquake, a talk he gave in Germany, an upcoming exhibition in Guatemala and an upcoming lecture in Japan. I really love the color choice and layering in the pieces. I especially enjoy the Tama Art poster's use of different patterns.

Rick's website: "Richard B. Doubleday design is the synthesis of form and content and their interrelationships. My work relies on the knowledge of visual sensitivity, personal vision, intellect and typographic principles to assess each problem and answer with an appropriate solution."

From August 18-29 there will be an exhibition of Rick's work at the Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala, for the 35th Anniversary of the foundation of Architecture and Design Faculty. The poster commemorating the recent Sichuan earthquake in China will appear in two publications and an exhibition, which will coincide with the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games (have you heard
I'm obsessed with the Olympics?). Please see his piece in Baseline Magazine number 53, "The Graphic Language of Min Wang: Beijing Olympic Games Graphic Identity and Pictograms."

This fall look for Rick's contribution to the book
Jan Tschichold- Master Typographer. I for one am looking forward to the fall when I'll be working with Rick more closely on my graduate thesis project.

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kw19 said...

Greatings form Germany. Found you by Google.

We had Richards inspiering talk in our scool.