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The Roses Smell Sweet For...

Finally, after months of waiting we have a winner! Lord and Taylor has finally announced the winner of their first annual Everything's Coming Up Roses Contest. Drumroll please, after thousands and thousands votes were cast and counted the winner of the contest is Evelyn of Houston, Texas:

From the Lord & Taylor site: "Evelyn's evocative photo captures, in a single image, the decades-old beauty of the Lord & Taylor rose. We couldn't be more pleased to use her wonderful work next spring in our 2009 Rose Campaign."

In addition to having her work used by Lord & Taylor next year, Evelyn won $10,000. I think I better get cracking on this for next year. It's a great opportunity for artists everywhere to get some exposure. This wasn't one of my favorites, but I like that it's not a traditional red color. I think it looks very similar to what Lord & Taylor used this year for their rose campaign. I guess it's best to go with what works. To read my past blogs on this click
here and here. Congratulations to Evelyn!

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