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Valspar Paint: Still Love It

Awhile back, I blogged about how fantastic Valspar paint is. I just fell even more in love! Last week I was out in Boulder checking out the house addition and I couldn't be more excited! The paint is up on the walls, Valspar naturally, and it looks fantastic. I'll have more pictures of decorating one of these days but in the meantime you should check out Valspar's color blog here. It's great if you need some color inspiration and it also has advice on decorating.

I've also been meaning for some time to write about Valspar's fantastic advertisements for colors in nature. Again, these are from awhile ago but better late than never! I noticed these when I was recycling my old Coastal Living magazines (from the past three years!). I love the concepts, colors right from nature! Very simple yet powerful. I find myself inspired by textures and patterns in nature so this is an obvious choice for me. I saw a fantastic spread using coral, I tried to find it online but couldn't. Sad face. These pictures via
the inspiration room.


ann said...

Thanks for mentioning our blog colorbuzz.valsparblog.com. So happy to hear the colors are working for you. Would love to see how it's all turning out. Best wishes, Ann

Ric Frazier said...

Here is another print ad that I shot for Valspar.