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Check Out My New Portfolio

One of my projects over the summer was to organize and pull together my portfolio. I'm so happy with how it has come out. The portfolio was a special gift from my mom and brother and came from one of my favorite design sites, Veer. I was looking for a unique portfolio for some time and was very happy when I found this one. I love the aluminum accents and the gorgeous cherry cover. It will match the wood floors in Boulder!

Now all I have to do is finish up my thesis (four months to go) and put all of that soon to be gorgeous work in this portfolio. I've seen some really unique ways of presenting work and I was really racking my brain on what to do. For me I wanted something sleek, elegant and professional looking but still a bit different. After all, this is an extension of me. I had a lot of fun with my cover page and made matching leave behind material so you get the complete package. Yay!

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