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Feel The Love

In celebration of the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday I'd like to share one of my favorite projects from last year. It's a typographic heart by Marian Bantjes for Saks that I fell for:

Swoon! In fact, I'm still falling...ah love. I find Bantjes' work so intriguing and awesome to look at because of the interesting things she does with type. Her attention to detail is just about mind boggling. Another example of her detail can be found in her personal Valentine's she sent out last year, check it out
here. Now that's love!


The inevitable talk this Monday morning will be the great, or not so great, Superbowl commercials. Or how fantasticlly AWESOME Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band is. Stop me before I buy concert tickets again! Since I'm a designer I'll save this morning for the Superbowl logo:

I think it suits the occasion pretty well. It's not my favorite logo out there though. I think it's the font at the bottom, call me a purist but I'm just not a fan of that stylized type. It was designed by Landor Associates in San Francisco.

I started on this blog thanks to my friends over at
Crew Design who led me to this Fifth Down blog from the NY Times for a Superbowl logo contest. From the Times slideshow of professional designers, the second one, by Pentagram, is my favorite:
I like the simple, clean feel and the silhouettes. No surprise there! I also like the retro, nostalgic feel. In hard times like these, who couldn't use that?

The first comment under the blog post is pretty intense, the poster doesn't seem to think non-designers should be designing a logo. The Times hasn't posted the non-professional designs but I'm waiting with bated breath. I kind of lean towards the school of thought that if there is something out there that gets people trying their hands at something creative: then go for it. Just don't swipe a job from me and under charge clients. It's a disservice to the profession. That is to say, when it comes down to it, like in most fields, the best work is left to the professionals.

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this on the history of the logo and this one on the background of this year's logo. (In sports commentator voice) It's good!