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Tag-A-Long For The Homemade Girl Scout Cookie Adventure

It's Monday and time for cookies! Continuing on from the past two weeks, today I'm featuring what I think were the most amazing homemmade cookies Tess has put together. Bold statement? Yes, and so deliciously true.

Tess tackled taglongs several weeks ago (and again this weekend- THANK YOU) from
this homemade Girl Scout recipe. Really, how can you go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter? A more perfect union is hard to find.

I'm sad to see this feature come to an end. I hope the posts have inspired you to get in the kitchen and get creative. And I hope to have more cookies soon...

Mint-a-licious Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

It's Monday and that means: Girl Scout time! Continuing from last week's post, today I'm featuring more of Tess's tasty treats, otherwise known as Thin Mints. As an interesting aside the Boston Globe had an article on the Girl Scouts this past Saturday and how they are trying to adapt and grow. They aren't just all about cookies, you know! Where I live though, it really has come down to the baking. Check out these great shots (yup, I just plugged myself):

Next week: Tag-a-longs. You will NOT want to miss that post.

Caramel De-liteful!

Nearly a century ago, on March 12, 1912 Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scout movement in the US. Thank you, thank you. One of my favorite parts of Girl Scouting is the annual sale of cookies, who can pass up the deliciously tasty treats? Not me, that's for sure!

This year my friend, fellow
blogger and baker Tess decided to take matters into her own hands to create homemade Girl Scout cookies. Wow, that is one word to sum up this most appetizing experience. I've been along for the gastronomic ride and have documented it in photography. I got to thinking that baking is an art form in its own right, so why not feature it on this blog?

I sat down with Tess to ask her what prompted her to take on such a challenging, yet delicious task:

Says Tess, "Lately, I have been resolved to try new and ever-challenging recipes on lazy winter evenings. I never used to cook or bake much, but in recent years I've grown to love both the working process and the final result. And there is nothing better than sharing a homemade treat with the people you care about (in this case, my lovely roommates)!

So, when Girl Scout cookie season came around, I was forwarded a link to homemade versions of their classic recipes on Baking Bites:
samoas (Caramel De-lites), thin mints and tagalongs. The samoas and thin mints were big successes, so I think tagalongs will be next up!"

This is the first post in a series of three, every Monday will feature a new cookie by Tess. Next week: Thin Mints.