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In Focus: Avalon, CA On Lovely Catalina Island

It's been a long while since I've had an In Focus post and today I have a few photos to share of the cutest little town, Avalon, located on lovely Catalina Island just a few miles off the coast of California.

Santa Catalina was quite the swinging place in Hollywood's hey-day, serving not only as a back drop for films but as the play ground for stars as well. Famous spots include the Casino, the Wrigley House, and the Inn on Mount Ada. I was on Catalina around Christmas time, things were quiet and rainy (except one day) but we were definitely able to entertain ourselves. It was wonderfully peaceful. I'm looking forward to a return trip for more running across the island and to see buffalo. Yes, buffalo. Click
here to read more on that. Great reasons to visit Avalon include: the people (especially at the Marlin Club), the town: perfectly walkable, and the scenery: very southern California but on an island!

Barbara Boxer Campaign Poster Follow Up

A few weeks ago I shared with you a contest that Barbara Boxer's 2010 Senate Campaign was running to find her next poster. Out of 200 designs that were narrowed down to twelve, here is what voters chose:

I think the majority got it wrong. I don't think there is anything new or exciting about this poster. Looks like politics as usual if you ask me. What is innovative about this? Yes, there is a nice picture but center justified text with upper case text throughout? This is not good design. The "We The People" text block is too tight and makes the composition look busy and not in a good way. Nothing is really activating the page. Maybe this is what people voted on because it looks like what a traditional campaign poster would look like. I hope the campaign goes better than this design.

Thesis Show Photos

Creating the work included in my MFA thesis show was at times challenging, but in the end I was extremely happy with what I produced. And the opening party was quite the good time! All that hard work has really paid off. Going through the program gave me the confidence I need to continue pushing my work, I can't wait for whatever comes next. Check out my collection of photos from the invitation to the show, I have more shots from the show which will be added to this photo stream in June. I packed the disc with all of the photos, I'll sort it all out in Colorado! Enjoy:

And here again is my collection of work followed by my thesis statement:

Title: Deeper Viewer Exploration Through Graphic Interpretation

Each day, everyday, we are inundated with information that is presented in every possible format. To cut through visual clutter and make the design stand out, I create a strong focus through interpretation of images, accentuating the shapes they create and the relationships between these shapes. These relationships draw the viewer into a more in-depth exploration of the work. This seemingly simple solution is a powerful contrast against the busy backdrop of our every day reality.

My working methodology includes creating lists of possible subjects and determining what the objective and message of the pieces should be. For this project, I researched the subjects and focused my execution on the lines and shapes representative images could create.

The subject matters I chose to focus on include advertisements for the New York Botanical Gardens and the Colorado Board of Tourism. The vision for the New York Botanical Gardens was for large banner-sized advertisements that would hang from lampposts throughout New York City as well as advertisements you would see in magazines, newspapers and subway stations. As for the Colorado pieces, the goal was to compose work that would appear in magazines and transit advertisements across the United States. The illustrations in these ads are meant to pique the viewers' interest, drive traffic to the Colorado Board of Tourism's website and to ultimately increase tourism to the state.

In conclusion, my work seeks to create a powerful primary point of focus in the image. The strong focus draws the viewer in to explore the design in a deeper, more meaningful way.


Poster (click to enlarge)


Last but not least in my Colorado illustration collection is beautiful Aspen. I can't wait to visit this mountain town this summer. Colorado has so much to offer! All of the posters and postcards featured will be for sale via my etsy store, please stay tuned for that towards the end of May. Tomorrow I'll have photos from the opening, you don't want to miss that!


Poster (click to enlarge)


Next up is beautiful Telluride nestled in the San Jaun Mountains. This illustration is of Bridal Veil Falls, Colorado's longest free-falling waterfall. Aren't all waterfalls free-falling? Not sure what the distinction is but that's what all the guide books say. Telluride is an awesome town, if you have the opportunity to ever visit, do it!

Lake City

Poster (click to enlarge)


Number four is fantastic Lake City in Southwestern Colorado, up in the gorgeous San Jaun mountains. It's a favorite spot of friends and apparently has quite the happening wine festival that I am looking forward to checking out this year. I am very, very excited to do some trail running in the area too.

Crested Butte

Poster (click to enlarge)


Number three in my Colorado series is Crested Butte, famous not only for fabulous skiing, but also for beautiful wildflowers in the summer. I was so complimented when an acquaintance told me they knew this was for Crested Butte even before they saw the name. Yay!


Poster (click to enlarge)


This is actually the first illustration I did for the series, and near and dear to my heart (two weeks to go and I'll be a Boulderite). I'm presenting the work in the order they were displayed though, check back next week for photos of the opening and to see how everything was displayed. I was so excited when my friend Jen came to see my work and shared with me a picture of Boulder with rays of sun shining down like the illustration. I'm not just making it up, things like that happen in Colorado!

Red Rocks

Poster (click to enlarge)


The second series I focused on for my thesis were advertisements for the Colorado Board of Tourism. I was inspired by vintage travel posters and wanted to create something that would pique people's interest and make them want to learn more about the destination. Each ad had a corresponding postcard. I envisioned some of these running in magazines with the postcard as a tear-away freebie to promote travel to the state. I absolutely loved working on this series and am available for custom Colorado illustrations. Also, the postcards will be for sale mid-June via
my Etsy store, be sure to check back.

Exotic Paradise

The fourth and final piece in the New York Botanical Garden series is this poster for "Exotic Paradise," a show of flowers from the tropics. As with the "Southwest Cacti Gardens," the inspiration for this came from my lovely Southern California winter escape (dress and sandals on New Years? I'll take it!). Definitely be sure to click on the image for a larger, more detailed view. There are subtle shapes in each of the Botanical Garden series. I hope you liked these four! Up next: advertisements for the Colorado Board of Tourism.

In Full Bloom

"In Full Bloom" is my third piece in the New York Botanical Garden series. I was longing for spring when I designed this. Click for a larger version.

Southwest Cacti Gardens

Click poster to enlarge.

Above is the second piece in my New York Botanical Garden series, this one for an exhibition of cacti. I was inspired for this piece after spending some time in Southern California this winter. It was a joy to see hot-weather plants mid-December. Be sure to click on the photo for a larger, more detailed version.

The Orchid Show

"The Orchid Show," click to enlarge.

Above is my first piece in my thesis collection. As mentioned last week I designed posters for the New York Botanical Garden for a variety of shows through the year. I especially like the orchid and colors in this piece. The orchid served as the silhouette on my invitations (see
here). For the show I had this poster turned into a banner like the kind that hang from lampposts. I had a black vinyl silhouette made for the display and I have to say, I'm thrilled with how it turned out. When people walked to the gallery and looked left, this is the first thing they'd see!

Stay tuned in the upcoming days, each day I'll have a new piece of my work followed next week with a behind the scenes slideshow of the prep for the show along with the opening! Be sure to click on the photos for larger, more detailed views of the work.