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In Focus: Avalon, CA On Lovely Catalina Island

It's been a long while since I've had an In Focus post and today I have a few photos to share of the cutest little town, Avalon, located on lovely Catalina Island just a few miles off the coast of California.

Santa Catalina was quite the swinging place in Hollywood's hey-day, serving not only as a back drop for films but as the play ground for stars as well. Famous spots include the Casino, the Wrigley House, and the Inn on Mount Ada. I was on Catalina around Christmas time, things were quiet and rainy (except one day) but we were definitely able to entertain ourselves. It was wonderfully peaceful. I'm looking forward to a return trip for more running across the island and to see buffalo. Yes, buffalo. Click
here to read more on that. Great reasons to visit Avalon include: the people (especially at the Marlin Club), the town: perfectly walkable, and the scenery: very southern California but on an island!

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