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The Orchid Show

"The Orchid Show," click to enlarge.

Above is my first piece in my thesis collection. As mentioned last week I designed posters for the New York Botanical Garden for a variety of shows through the year. I especially like the orchid and colors in this piece. The orchid served as the silhouette on my invitations (see
here). For the show I had this poster turned into a banner like the kind that hang from lampposts. I had a black vinyl silhouette made for the display and I have to say, I'm thrilled with how it turned out. When people walked to the gallery and looked left, this is the first thing they'd see!

Stay tuned in the upcoming days, each day I'll have a new piece of my work followed next week with a behind the scenes slideshow of the prep for the show along with the opening! Be sure to click on the photos for larger, more detailed views of the work.

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