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Red Rocks

Poster (click to enlarge)


The second series I focused on for my thesis were advertisements for the Colorado Board of Tourism. I was inspired by vintage travel posters and wanted to create something that would pique people's interest and make them want to learn more about the destination. Each ad had a corresponding postcard. I envisioned some of these running in magazines with the postcard as a tear-away freebie to promote travel to the state. I absolutely loved working on this series and am available for custom Colorado illustrations. Also, the postcards will be for sale mid-June via
my Etsy store, be sure to check back.

1 comment:

Tess Mattern said...

Sarah, I am pretty sure I've already told you this, but this Red Rock poster is my absolute favorite in your show. I'm so glad you are sharing images on your blog for all to see. LOVE THE WORK!