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Thesis Show Photos

Creating the work included in my MFA thesis show was at times challenging, but in the end I was extremely happy with what I produced. And the opening party was quite the good time! All that hard work has really paid off. Going through the program gave me the confidence I need to continue pushing my work, I can't wait for whatever comes next. Check out my collection of photos from the invitation to the show, I have more shots from the show which will be added to this photo stream in June. I packed the disc with all of the photos, I'll sort it all out in Colorado! Enjoy:

And here again is my collection of work followed by my thesis statement:

Title: Deeper Viewer Exploration Through Graphic Interpretation

Each day, everyday, we are inundated with information that is presented in every possible format. To cut through visual clutter and make the design stand out, I create a strong focus through interpretation of images, accentuating the shapes they create and the relationships between these shapes. These relationships draw the viewer into a more in-depth exploration of the work. This seemingly simple solution is a powerful contrast against the busy backdrop of our every day reality.

My working methodology includes creating lists of possible subjects and determining what the objective and message of the pieces should be. For this project, I researched the subjects and focused my execution on the lines and shapes representative images could create.

The subject matters I chose to focus on include advertisements for the New York Botanical Gardens and the Colorado Board of Tourism. The vision for the New York Botanical Gardens was for large banner-sized advertisements that would hang from lampposts throughout New York City as well as advertisements you would see in magazines, newspapers and subway stations. As for the Colorado pieces, the goal was to compose work that would appear in magazines and transit advertisements across the United States. The illustrations in these ads are meant to pique the viewers' interest, drive traffic to the Colorado Board of Tourism's website and to ultimately increase tourism to the state.

In conclusion, my work seeks to create a powerful primary point of focus in the image. The strong focus draws the viewer in to explore the design in a deeper, more meaningful way.

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Anonymous said...

I am here crushin' beers and listening to some bob dylan (actually paul simon now) then I got nostalgic thinking about the good ol' days with Will... and you. I miss you and I hope you are doing well. Tess says hello, but watch out--- she likes to kick people in the face.