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Odell Beer- Cheers!

Now that I'm in the Centennial State, still getting settled, I thought I'd blog about one of Colorado's passions: beer. According to
The Beer Institute, the state ranks number one in terms of gross beer production, number three country in volume of brewpubs and craft breweries, Denver ranks first in the nation in beer production per capita and second in the number of breweries. Colorado is home to 4 of the top-50 brewing companies in the nation. There are 92 breweries statewide. Wow. Tess, where are you?!?!? For your viewing pleasure I thought I'd share these fantastic labels from Odell's brewed out of Fort Collins:

They have a fantastic handcrafted quality to them, much like their beer. I love the woodblock print feel to the labels and the simple, iconic images. In addition to their classic lineup they also have specialty brews to keep things interesting:

One of the most unusual is their TwitterBrew. I'm not on the Twitter bandwagon (sorry Lisa) because sarahheartsdesign is too long of a username (two letters too long) and the kind folks over at Twitter can't seem to figure out how to get me a username. Not that I'm bitter or anything. ANYWAY, in the spring Odell launched a contest to craft a specialty beer and all that goes along with it. They had online voting to pick out the label and it seems like this was the winner:

I love it! I say "it seems" because there isn't any photos of it on Odell's website although it is on tap in their tasting room. Road trip!
This site has links to the voting and all the designs submitted and it looks like the above label, by Ten Fold Collective (AWESOME design work by the way) just edged out this design:

I think they are both pretty true in keeping with the feel of Odell's packaging. I do like the winner best though with the little touch of red. I also think it's interesting how technology is being used everywhere, if you're not up with it most likely you'll be left behind. As long as there is some beer left behind, I'll be OK though.

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