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Spooktacular Headstones

Last spring I was traipsing about Boston's Freedom Trail on a frightfully cold day. Despite being April, it felt more like an October day but I seized the opportunity to photograph some really interesting gravestones in the Granary Burying Ground, Boston's third-oldest cemetery. At the time I had in mind this post and am so excited to finally share!

The Granary Burying Ground is a tiny little plot of land not far from the Boston Common and is home to over 5,000 bodies! Talk about being cramped. There are only 2,345 headstones and each grave houses at least 20 bodies. This is because funerals were expensive (Um, they still are but I think we've become accustomed to our own space both in this life and beyond.) The grounds are really a who's who of Boston's historical playmakers: John Hancock, Paul Revere, Crispus Attucks, Sam Adam and Robert Treat Paine. That's some star power. But on the day I visited I was more taken with the elaborate designs on the headstones. I just read that tombstones were an outlet for artistic expression because Puritan churches did not believe in religious iconography, just our luck:

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It just so happens that one of my idols, Martha Stewart, featured headstones in her October issue with an article entitled "Everlasting Art." It's a very interesting, albeit short, article and I highly recommend getting a copy. A great site for more on historic gravestones is
A Very Grave Matter, a website run by Jenn Marcelais who is mentioned in the MS article.

It's got me thinking, if I had a headstone what would the design be?!?!? This could be an untapped graphic design market! It's interesting to think about 300 years from now when people look back on our current styles and what they'd think. Frankly, from what I've seen, the majority seem a bit generic. Looking at these old headstones was extremely interesting, something about the history, the stories and the hand-carved artistry. Well, that's all for me on the topics of death and design for now, hope this wasn't too morbid for you!

Friday Fun with Regretsy

TGIF and TGIR: Thank goodness for Regretsy. Haven't heard of it? You are missing out. This has to be one of the most hilarious websites I've ever been on. Normally, I don't condone poking fun at other's art but some of the stuff the author finds is downright hi-lar-i-ous. All I keep thinking is "Really? Is this for real?" It's a cruel world out there but the old adage is true: one man's trash is another's treasure. And as I see it, none of this stuff is really that bad because it makes me laugh!

Meghan- when can we get these into mass production?

I actually don't mind these too much.

Two things I would never associate with each other: cute and HIV.

I loved Lil Kim on DWTS!

These are not embellished, they are left over from a real bender.

What goat doesn't need a coat?

I don't even know.

This chicken is actually cute...but how does it move its wings?

Why? This is gross.

Pumpkin Portraits

I'm in full fall swing despite snow a week and a half ago and summer-like temperatures this past weekend. I decided to meet in the middle mentally, where the weather should be too: fall. And with fall brings all sorts of new, inspiring colors, patterns and textures. Yesterday I took a nice drive down to Munson Farms. I loved it. As in I really loved it. They had the most amazing variety of pumpkins and squash I could barely pick, I wanted them all! Orange, yellow, blue, white...you name it!

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It reminded me of an article in Martha Stewart Magazine, I thought from two years ago, but upon further investigation it was an article entitled "Visiting the Great Pumpkin Patch" from the October 2005 magazine. Yes, I keep my Martha Stewart mags and thank goodness because I couldn't find the article in her online archive. (Tisk, tisk.) At any rate, I was reminded of the article because of the variety of pumpkins featured at The Great Pumpkin Patch and the ones in front of me at Munson's. I hadn't been anywhere, until yesterday, that had such an eclectic mix. I was so excited to arrange them on the porch and the late afternoon light was so perfect, so fall. Also of note, I am now obsessed with The Great Pumpkin Patch's
website, I'd love to visit some day. Have a gourd-eous fall!

Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day indeed! I am so excited about this post for several reasons. Number one, I'm in a fashionista mood. Number two, It all ties back to design and type. For those who don't know what a red letter day is (I don't hear the term too often), the expression evolved from medieval manuscripts, then calendars that showed special days in red ink.

Fast forward 500 years to my wandering shopping eye. One of my favorite designers of purses, shoes, fabulousness, etc. is Kate Spade. I love her uncluttered designs that always come with a twist. It's the little details that really set her things apart. Which brings me to this fabulousness:

JEWELRY WITH TYPE!!! I'm thinking this should be a staple in any typofile's wardrobe. Thoughts? I want it! I need it! I'm already planning multiple outfits around it. How perfect would this be on a design job interview? Also of note, my best friend Kate also designed a purse too:

"offwego! she announced, jumping into the fountain feet first, her opal eyes shining in the rain."

Time Traveler Wanted

I am not making this up. I was cruising the Craig's List job board looking for freelance design jobs when I came across the most interesting post I've seen lately.

"I am looking to hire someone capable of transporting me into the past, specifically to November 5th 1977. I will wish to return to the present five days later on November 10th 1977. Your method of temporal transfer may be technological, magickal, psychic or other, it is irrelevant. I am willing to sign what ever non-disclosure agreements you require, including protecting your technical/mystical secrets and agreeing not to alter the timeline. I WILL require the functionality of your time travel method to be vetted by an expert, chosen by me before ANY monetary transfer takes place.

While in the past, I intend only to observe two events, one in San Diego, CA on the evening of November 6th, 1977, the next in Baltimore MD on the afternoon of November 8th, 1977. Depending on what I learn, I may need to make additional observations on November 9th and 10th, but I do not wish to risk staying longer in the past. I also need to purchase a couple of small items while in San Diego. I intend to bury these in a place I can retrieve them in the present. These purchases are not intended for resale or any other form of monetary gain, rather they are related to the personal mystery which I am intending to solve.

I plan to use contemporary transportation and lodging and intend to bring a small amount of gold into the past to exchange for contemporary currency, although if you can arrange some form of transportation (such as teleportation) I am prepared to compensate you with a substantial bonus. I must, however, insist on TOTAL privacy while I conduct my investigation of the past and will require YOU to sign a non-disclosure agreement should you happen to accidentally learn anything. This trip pertains to a family business matter and the people involved are very touchy and the legal ramifications potentially far reaching.

Only qualified candidates need bother applying. I understand this is a long shot but appreciate your consideration. Thank you very much. "

If only I could sprinkle fairy dust and make this man's dreams come true, I'd be a half million dollars richer. Only qualified candidates need apply though. And on top of that, the time travel method will be vetted by an expert. Bummer.

2016 Olympics: Party Time In Rio!

Finally we know: Rio it is! Vamos, vamos, vamos! Start loving the logo peeps.

It was designed by
Ana Soter and represents Sugarloaf Mountain, thanks ThinkCreation. Tchau for now!

2016 Olympics: Where Will They Be?

I'm here waiting impatiently for the announcement of where the 2016 Olympics will be held: Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro or Tokyo. I am an Olympic fiend (those of you who know me, understand, thank you for that) and cannot wait for the upcoming winter Olympics in Vancouver. I watch it all, seriously, thank goodness for Tivo.

I of course have been following the bids for the 2016 and all the political uproar around them. You know what I say? Blah, blah, blah, let the athletes compete! The majority of the athletes that participate don't have million dollar contracts and are doing it out of love, dedication and hard work. What could be better? Oh yes, add on top of that my fascination with Olympic graphic design. I still have a 1980 Lake Placid poster with
Roni the Racoon and commemorative pins- heart! Love that color blocking:

I've also been on a quest for something Schuss from the 1968 Grenoble, France Olympics. When I lived in Grenoble my apartment building was a converted athlete village. You can imagine how that made me feel!I always wanted to be an Olympian...since that isn't going to happen, I'm going to be champion of this blog. And since the topic is the Olympics, check out this site for a summary on how each city compares and below for the logos. Which do you like?

I prefer either the Chicago logo or the Tokyo logo. It think that Madrid and Rio's are whimsical and fun but maybe too much so. The Rio logo seems very current but it kind of reminds me of the Stop and Shop and Walmart logos. It seems like the kind of logo that would be on yogurt packaging or something. High five to Madrid! It's fun but very child-like, I'd like to wave goodbye to that. I like Tokyo because it has some movement and the first thing that came to mind is that we're all tied together. I also like the rising sun, nice touch. I like Chicago the most though. I think it's classy, shows some movement and is something that would stand the test of time.
This site has a great summary of the Chicago logos (see below).

As for where I'd love the games to be held: Rio. Vamos my friends! I think it would be great to have the games in a new part of the world. As of 9:30 Colorado time, the odds are on Brazil...can't wait until 11! I'm going to have to start liking that logo. Because of my Olympic fandom, I'm sure I'll be swept up in it all and be won over, after all it is a heart. And, I heart design...

Interestingly enough this was the original Chicago logo that had to be replaced because it infringed upon the official Olympic torch logo:
I like this too! Darn rules. Both of the Chicago logos were designed by VSA Partners, Chicago Office. Love, love, love.

EEK! It's almost 10 and the votes are in although the BIG announcement won't be for a bit still. Best logo Chicago: out! Second best logo Tokyo: out! Now it's between Rio and Madrid...