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Pumpkin Portraits

I'm in full fall swing despite snow a week and a half ago and summer-like temperatures this past weekend. I decided to meet in the middle mentally, where the weather should be too: fall. And with fall brings all sorts of new, inspiring colors, patterns and textures. Yesterday I took a nice drive down to Munson Farms. I loved it. As in I really loved it. They had the most amazing variety of pumpkins and squash I could barely pick, I wanted them all! Orange, yellow, blue, white...you name it!

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It reminded me of an article in Martha Stewart Magazine, I thought from two years ago, but upon further investigation it was an article entitled "Visiting the Great Pumpkin Patch" from the October 2005 magazine. Yes, I keep my Martha Stewart mags and thank goodness because I couldn't find the article in her online archive. (Tisk, tisk.) At any rate, I was reminded of the article because of the variety of pumpkins featured at The Great Pumpkin Patch and the ones in front of me at Munson's. I hadn't been anywhere, until yesterday, that had such an eclectic mix. I was so excited to arrange them on the porch and the late afternoon light was so perfect, so fall. Also of note, I am now obsessed with The Great Pumpkin Patch's
website, I'd love to visit some day. Have a gourd-eous fall!

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Eflagg said...

They're lovely! You're cracking me up -- did you actually buy all of those? Make sure you eat some. Yum! :)