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Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day indeed! I am so excited about this post for several reasons. Number one, I'm in a fashionista mood. Number two, It all ties back to design and type. For those who don't know what a red letter day is (I don't hear the term too often), the expression evolved from medieval manuscripts, then calendars that showed special days in red ink.

Fast forward 500 years to my wandering shopping eye. One of my favorite designers of purses, shoes, fabulousness, etc. is Kate Spade. I love her uncluttered designs that always come with a twist. It's the little details that really set her things apart. Which brings me to this fabulousness:

JEWELRY WITH TYPE!!! I'm thinking this should be a staple in any typofile's wardrobe. Thoughts? I want it! I need it! I'm already planning multiple outfits around it. How perfect would this be on a design job interview? Also of note, my best friend Kate also designed a purse too:

"offwego! she announced, jumping into the fountain feet first, her opal eyes shining in the rain."

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