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Stop The Letterpresses!

I just took a break from work to check my email and PARDON ME?!?!? This is what I saw:
An at-home letterpress machine? You've done it again Paper Source, another reason why you are one of my favorite stores ever. I can't wait to check it out and I hope it's as great as I think it may be. I wonder what their font plates look like. Now, I've just got to pull together my wish list for Santa...

J. Crew Please With A Side Of Paper Sculpture

I've been really loving the changes J. Crew has made to their catalogue and website over the past year. They've started using some hip looking, art deco-y sans-serif types mixed in with the old goodies. I love looking at their catalogues because of the simple, clean designs that also have a twist. (If you're a regular reader...you know that's ma' thing!) I am especially enamored with their new landing page on their website, be sure to check it out for the movement:

Type out of paper: heart! The live site reminds me of claymation where everything is photographed then moved and photographed again. Here is creates a fun, whimsical feeling. I'm also a big fan of their use of color and grids:

Getting back to the paper type, the first thing the paper type reminded me of was the AH-mazing paper sculptures in Real Simple's magazine which are created by
Matthew Sporzynski (wish I could find more on his company too: Couturier de Cardboard). I think he is probably one of my favorite artists.
While cruising the Googlesphere I also found this amazing website by Peter Callesen, the words jaw-dropping come to mind...

It's such a unique, special art that I hope you appreciate as well!