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Business Cards for Jen Alberti

Update: Jen has left lovely Boulder for Boston.

Today's work is the logo and business cards I designed for my talented friend Jen Alberti. Jen is growing her acupuncture business and needed a calling card. I chose to work with the lotus because it can represent life, awakening, power, beauty and strength. I represented the lotus with intersecting lines to create a sense of energy, an idea central to the practice of acupuncture. For the business cards I made two versions for Jen with the logo treated differently. Variety is the spice of life! I used a beautifully textured paper to give it that earthy/natural feel.

I highly recommend using acupuncture, and of course Jen, who recently moved back to Boston from Boulder. Jen can be reached at jenniferalberti@gmail.com or 617.592.9927.


Erin said...


Jen said...

I heart my business cards! And, of course, Sarah. :)

Alize said...

Amazing. Simple but lovely. Really i like this type of Business Cards, which make us feel very genuine and make our business clients to feel good about our business.

Hank hendricks said...

I look simple but really heart touching...thanks for sharing with us.Order Business Cards.