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I've Got a Plantitude

I'm putting some final touches on the house and it just wouldn't be complete without some greenery. Indoor plants are so inviting to have around the house and breathe in such life! It's also too risky to plant outdoors now because inevitably they'll be another frost or two in the next month. It's been ages since my green thumb was in top form so I've started slowly with some succulents, one cactus and several jade plants. The staff at my favorite garden center, Sturtz & Copeland, are amazing and they steered me in the right direction. Check out my creations:

Here's the first Jade plant with a little Jade lion. Will has these figurines that he got in Thailand and I've been searching for a good place to display them...after I potted everything I looked up at the bookshelf and thought PERFECT! It's like a lion living in the jungle.

And here is the little Buddha man in his Zen garden. We're actually going to create our own rock/zen-like garden in back yard this spring!

Here is the second Jade plant with a Jade Rhino, I just love the pattern in this figurine, the unusual blue and green in the pot, and the overall patterns and tones. I found this pot at a great consignment store for a great deal, Clutter Consignment. At home gardening can be fun, affordable and very creative. I'm looking forward to watching everything grow.

These are the DIY Days

I've been super creative and motivated lately because everything is blooming! There are so many shades of green everywhere. I've been working on custom wedding invitations (pictures will be put up) and finishing up a lot of little "to dos" around the house. Design isn't just a part of my work life, it's a part of my every day life which includes decorating! The past three days I've DIYed up a storm, included:

A bulletin board makeover. I should've taken a before picture but it was just a boring blah bulletin board. A little paint, a little paper and voila:

Headband holder. I have a lot of headbands, hats and head pieces. How to store them? I haven't been able to find a suitable storage device so I made my own. Rolled oats package, paper, tape and voila:

Earring tray. I wanted a neat little tray to keeo some of my favorite earrings where I could see them. I couldn't find a cushioned tray I liked, instead I found a bamboo tray on sale, cut some left over cork board I had, wrapped it up in paper and voila:

More DIY home projects coming!

Picnic Basket Perfection

I need this. Not want, NEED. This is amazing on a number of different levels: woven, pink, patent leather, perfect for a picnic at Chautauqua, would match all of my summer outfits while biking around town. If anyone is looking for a perfect gift for me this Kate Spade Picnic Bike Basket is it!

Curious George Saves The Day

The other day I came across a great article about a Curious George exhibit at The Jewish Museum in New York City...get me there! I loved reading the mischievous monkey books growing up but had no idea about the authors, Margret and H.A. Rey, until just recently. I'm always curious how other artists work. The two have quite an interesting tale themselves, which the exhibit suggests is sometimes is paralleled by Curious George's adventures (originally named Fifi!).

Just two days before the German invasion of Paris the couple fled on bicycles (!) carrying many of their drawings and illustrations. The exhibit touches on their travels to New York in 1940, the collaboration between Hans and Margret, and includes about 80 original drawings.

There is a great New York Times article here and slide show here. If you can't make it to NYC for the exhibit it will continue on to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco from November 14-March 16, 2011.