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Left Hand Community Acupuncture

Check out my latest completed project for my friends at Left Hand Community Acupuncture:

I've been working with Jen Alberti and Caroline Adams on developing their logo which is based off of Caroline's own hand print. They wanted something very textural, unique and something that spoke to their business. I love the idea of a hand print because it is so personal, like the care you would receive from them.

Jen and Caroline are devoted to their practice and really great at what they do! Jen first introduced me to acupuncture and I am a firm believer in its ability to heal. Their business will be opening very shortly in Lafayette, CO . Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page for more information and to make an appointment. High five LHCA!

Also of note, their space is located in a GREAT spot next to a fabulous antique store, Noble Treasures. I stopped in for the first time this weekend (couldn't resist even though I was in a hurry) and I did indeed find some treasures including three amazing vintage hats (yup, already worn them) and a hat box from the old May Company in Denver. As if you needed any more reason to visit the area!