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After Weeks and Weeks They Finally Arrived!

I decided I'd be extra cute and get a Loveland stamp on the envelopes. Just one little round postmark. I did it mostly for me because as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. I was also curious to see who would notice. Well, if you send ANYTHING out of Loveland around Valentine's day you end up with not one, not two, but three stamps! I would've been fine with just the one but love and poems abound in Colorado!

Opening! Opening! Notice the embossed address at top, yup, I love an embosser.

I wanted all the relevant information to fit on the save the date because the real wow factor was yet to come, in the form of very special invitations...more on those soon!

As loyal reader and awesome friend Jes alluded to yesterday, there was an incident with the Post Office which I dubbed Post Officegate 2010. If you have awesome looking envelopes the people at the Post automatically pull them to the side, triple stamp them, then hold them to send out so they arrive on Valentine's Day. That's fine, except there is no notice about that, nobody shared that information and I dropped these off in January. I just about had a heart attack when they didn't arrive within three days of mailing them. After some phone calls (including to the Denver Postmaster, as mom said always go to the top) I was able to figure out where my precious save the dates had gone. All's well that ends well!

The Post Officegate incident got me thinking of other towns to send things from. I found plenty of options for celebrating love in Colorado, and a few to celebrate...other things.

Bijou- what lady doesn't love some bijou?
Climax- yup, this is on the map
Gold Hill
Gold Park
Divide- some people like to celebrate a separation
Goodnight- great for an evening affair!
Good Pasture- outdoor wedding
Grand Junction
Great Divide- for really big separations
Halfway House- seriously, this was in the atlas
Happy Canyon
Hidden Valley
Independence- see Divide, or maybe to celebrate a first apartment, or living on your own
Last Chance- a little harsh
Mountain View
Pleasant View
Rifle- to celebrate hunting season!
Sparks- I really like this one
Sugar Junction- and this one...CAVITY!
Sugar City
Trails End- eek
Tuckerville- to celebrate successful plastic surgery

Have a beautiful weekend! Cheers!

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