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Book of Gardening Memories

I was so into gardening this year I had to capture it all! Over the summer I kept notes on what was in each planter box and how everything grew. It was a very, er, organic process. At first I just wanted to keep track of what plants I bought. I found this crazy notebook that got me started.

Once I started recording what I planted, I just had to put in as much information as I could. This was a great way to learn so many different plants. The first page in my notebook has a diagram of where the planter boxes were, there were over 20!

Each planter box has its own section with information on how many plants I used, where they were placed, what they were and how they grew.

Every box has two tabs, one from earlier in the summer when I started to record everything and the second tab that has information on how all the plants did and whether or not I should do a similar arrangement next year.

This turned out to be a wonderful little project to commemorate this year. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see how I turned all of this into something magical...

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