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Cutting, Pasting

A lot of the work I do happens late at night, I am just a night owl and I always have been. I like the quiet and I like that there aren't distractions...unless of course I get chit chatting with Shannon, my other fellow night owl. This particular night was a chilly one in January and magic happened! There's something great about being able to spread out and take over a space. I knew when I found this paper I HAD to be used some way, some how:

Since I originally bought it three years ago, finding more was a challenge. I found some on eBay but that amounted to four sheets. I had to be conservative! I used one sheet to make a little band around the invite, that left enough for envelope liners and special wedding day touches.

Once I stamped these I knew it was just the texture I was going for. I wanted each one to feel special.

I love a production line:

And on to assembly, these had a shimmery white back, then a green, then the cross hatch paper, then the top save the date...more coming!

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