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Fashion Friday with Mondo and Michael C!

As promised, Fashion Friday. I am still so excited about my petite adventure to "the big city" yesterday. MONDO!!! MICAHEL C!!! I love Project Runway. I. LOVE. PROJECT. RUNWAY. So you can imagine my thrill this season while watching local sensation Mondo. Funny quote of the night: "Denver is just dying for a good time." Heck yeah, and so many people were out in force to party like rock stars. So many so that the line was down the street for Beauty Bar. Sigh. It was dress like Mondo night, I had my own twist including a most fabulous sequin bibi, sequin bow tie, sparkly suspenders and print on print. My homage to Mondo. I must say though, suspenders on women can be incredibly awkward.

What are our thoughts on the PR outcome? I thought it was a really good show this season. I think everyone in the finale were true artists with clear visions but they were all so, so different. I adore Mondo's show, I thought it was exciting, dynamic and unique. I agreed with Hiedi's review, that all of Gretchen's clothes were amazing but Mondo's was more "WOW!" Incidentally, I've also met Gretchen briefly. I loved talking to her to find out about show. I think she got harsh reviews for being so critical of other contestants work but after thinking about it last night that's what happens in fashion. One day you're in, the next you're out. I do prefer more constructive reviews though, having gone through plenty in college. For the ultimate PR blog, check out this site and this site for shots of the other shows not featured.

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