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Garden Portfolio

As I was enjoying my planter boxes over the summer I wanted a way to remember them season round. Last year I made a bit of an attempt by keeping a journal (not nearly as detailed as the one featured yesterday) and taking photographs. I really wanted something I could show and share with people that captured the spirit of my planter box designs. Drum roll...check out my slide show below! It includes photographs, drawings, stamps and of course ribbon, it's so quintessentially moi. The gardens were very colorful and I had to bring that playful element in. I wanted to create something very textural that is an experience in and of itself. One of the things I love about starting a project from scratch is once I start working, more and more ideas start coming. I think one of my favorite inventions from this project are the final pages of the book. I included sheets of tear away business cards! Genius? I hope.
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Tomorrow I'll be introducing my new weekly feature: Fashion Friday. I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT TO SHARE! A little hint: Project Runway Party. Yeah. Cheers until tomorrow!

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