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It's Glorious Apple Season

There is something so perfect about fresh picked apples in fall. I was feeling very special when I got to go apple picking on Saturday...in my back yard. On top of that it was 80 degrees, this is my idea of fall.

The crisp, cooler morning motivated me to make apple pie from scratch, it just seemed like the fall thing to do, along with watching college football. We have four Harrelson apple trees, the fruit is so sweet and crisp and perfect for baking. For the pie crust, this was the first time I made dough from scratch. The recipe I followed is the one that goes along with Martha Stewart's Mile-High Apple Pie, which I found in the 2003 Annual Recipes book. Making dough is so easy! And it includes one of my favorite ingedients, butter.

Dough into the pie mold:

Apples piled high with more butter:

The pie-prep aftermath, I felt very accomplished at this point. Meanwhile I had already done all of the ice cream prep work and that was cooling in freezer.

Piping hot from the oven:

Savory apple tarte, this made me feel oh-so Francaise for some reason:

While the pie was cooling I put the chilled ice cream mixture into the ice cream maker where all the magic happens. 35 minutes later I had a double batch of vanilla ice cream. Night one of Applefest was traditional pie a la mode.

Night two was the ice cream with cut up apple pie folded in...amazing. I based the recipe on the vanilla ice cream in The Perfect Scoop, a must own recipe book! Night three was warm apple tart with a scoop on the side. I love Applefest.

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