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Ready, Set, Send!

The last day I worked on these save the dates I had to glue the last top piece of paper as well as address them. I knew that getting this shiny envelope in the mail would brighten the winter days! Glue Stick and I are best friends, although when it's nice out and I can open the doors I do prefer spray glue.

I thought about custom stamps but I rather liked the colors and whimsy of the King and Queen. Also, at this point in the design process I wasn't sure what exactly the invitations would be like so I kept it as simple as I could for the stamps.

I wanted these to look really rich. That's why I layered the paper and hand stamped everything, these are thick! I wanted people to feel the love when the opened them.

All set to be sent off. Yes, I am so picky as to line up the criss-crossing cross hatching! Above all I wanted to present something that was visually interesting and that left people wanting more. Namely, the invitation!

More to come!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

i can't wait 'til we get to post-office-gate 2010! :)