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Red Hot Wednesday

Red rocks! I was just reading a bit about red on Wikipiedia; fascinating! Basically it can symbolize good and bad, purity and not so pure (The Scarlet Letter), courage, danger, etc. etc.

When I think of red, the first thing that pops in my mind is apple. I think that's because the last three weeks I've been in apple heaven baking pies, making apple pie ice cream and whipping up apple tartes. I like to wear red because it feels bold, so when I'm feeling pretty awesome it's red all the way. Also, I've been organizing my portfolio and a project I worked on this year (and will be sharing soon) has many, many beautiful red poppies.

Thornless hawthorne:

Autumn blaze maple tree:

Stars and stripes:

Vintage biplane (that I got to ride in!!!)

Red alert salvia:

Fourth of July croquet party:

Dinner plate dahlia:

My suede "ruby" slippers:

Swirls and swirls:

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