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Still Green and Growing...For Another Day at Least

As I lay awake listening to the relentless wind last night, I realized that it actually is fall now and that means the glory of my summer garden is going dormant. There hasn't been a frost yet (thanks to the wind) but it's just around the corner. I had such a great year this year, I'm so resistant to "say goodbye." I spent a lot of time and love out there and was lucky enough to be able to enjoy and appreciate everything for nearly 6 months! Here is one of my planter boxes right after it was planted:

And here is a shot of it from late September:

The grasses grew so tall and that vinca vine is everywhere. To see many, many shots of my work check out this slideshow:
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Important to note: I'm available to design planter boxes!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow and Thursday to see the other garden related things I've been working on.

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