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Supplies and Planning

One of my favorite things about starting a new project is the materials; the paper, illustrations, colors, ribbon, concept...all of it! I love how I can start with one idea but by the end it's morphed into something even grander than first thought! It's like the Samples lyric "and every turn became our future..." from "Did You Ever Look So Nice?" Yup, obsessed with the Samples and yes, that makes a pretty sweet wedding song.

These Save the Dates started with a color concept, and there are few places with more fabulous paper choices than The Paper Presentation. Shimmery? Check. Green? Check. I thought I'd originally emboss everything with peacock blue powder (the stamp embossing way) but it wasn't really coming together the way I wanted it to. And from there I moved on to stamping everything minus the embossing.

I knew I needed fabulous wood blocks to make personal feeling, textural invites. I found an amazing set on eBay all the way from London:

Stacks and stacks of green and soft white paper:

An embosser, I highly recommend an embosser for anything you'd like to add a little touch of class to, I had this embosser made with our return address:

More coming...

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