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Views From the Crow's Nest

Is it Cape Cod?

The Big Island?

Nope, Colorado! Some acquaintances were redoing their backyard and had some eclectic stones with beer bottle caps embedded in them, of course Will jumped at the opportunity to salvage them, they were free after all. They were not quite my style but really, it's like we live in the Napa Valley of Beer so what better way to honor our surroundings than with beer bottle caps?

Before this new, fantastic walkway was put in, the path to the observation deck was just tall grasses. Now it's like a trip to the Caribbean in our backyard. Despite some windy days the sand hasn't blown away, we'll see how long it lasts but in the meantime there is nothing like an 80 degree October day with sand in between my toes. This is a great, affordable project if you're landlocked and missing the beach! I'd love a little sand pit with a couple of chairs to lounge in...if you can't be at the beach bring the beach to you, in some form at least.


Ja Ru said...

Only you would have something this awesome! Did your friends make the rocks? How did they get the caps in them??

Sarah Hearts Design said...

Hahaha, step one: drink beer. I'm not sure how they did it exactly but it took them several years, they just made them as the felt over time. The stones are cement so they must have had some sort of ready mix to make the stones and to push the caps in to set them in place. When Will picked them up he could tell their taste in beer changed over time, in the beginning there was MGD, toward the end Chimay. Cheers!

Tess Mattern said...

This looks so cool! Good job, Pittengers!