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Custom Map of Camden

While imagining how all the materials would come together, I was also working on several aspects of the invitations: how to construct them, a custom map of Camden, Maine, wrap around mailing labels and envelope liners. The most time consuming part of this was the map because of the level of detail. Sarah wanted something that was easy to read and showed all the important wedding events. This is what I drew initially, obviously taking some liberties (click to enlarge):

And here is how it all looked in the invitation:

Stay tuned for tomorrow to see how I constructed the rest of the invitations and on Friday I'm putting Fashion Friday on pause for the big reveal: what the final invitations looked like! So exciting!

Also this week I'm running a little contest. Anyone who subscribes to this blog or follows me via Facebook, Twitter or Flickr this week will be entered to win a fantastic little something made by me. Each new place you follow me counts as an entry. Hint: it involves paper.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Such a handy reference for out of town guests.